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Mindful Self-Compassion for Professionals Intensive


This workshop is aimed at enhancing professional skills and personal lives. It will consist of brief presentations, interactive discussion, experiential exercises and training in mindfulness and self-compassion.

Rapidly expanding research shows that mindfulness and self- compassion are strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, lower levels of anxiety, pain and depression, improved health habits, more satisfying personal relationships and enhanced self-care.

Mindful Self-Compassion 5-Day Program

Day 1: Clarity about the meaning, benefits and practice of Mindful Self–Compassion. Training in practical skills such as the compassion break. Introduction to mindfulness, loving kindness and self-compassion as practices as well as informal daily life skills.

Day 2: Exercises in finding phrases to awaken loving kindness and compassion. Exploration of the inner critic and how to reduce its harm by cultivating a compassionate inner voice. Using mindfulness and self-compassion to explore values and strengths.

Day 3: Finding the hidden value in difficulty. Exploring growth opportunities in times of crisis/challenges. Followed by practices and tools to deal with difficult emotions: anxiety, anger, depression, pain and shame.

Day 4: Dealing with difficult relationships involving care- giver fatigue and anger. Followed by ways to rewire the bra



Mal Huxter & Marie Bloomfield

Presented by Marie Bloomfield and Mal Huxter who are both clinical psychologists in private practice. They have also both been training professionals and teaching mindfulness and self- compassion practices in public mental health services as well as the corporate, academic and private sectors for decades. Mal is the author of “Healing the heart and mind with mindfulness. Ancient path, present moment” Routledge 2016.