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Ancient Path, Present Moment: Discovering the Roots of Buddhism and Cultivating the Heart-Mind

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You are invited to join Malcolm Huxter and Soul of India on a 14-day pilgrimage to northern India to discover important sites in the life and teachings of the Buddha. They will visit the sites of his awakening, the first discourse, the place of his passing and more.

Malcolm will provide short talks in relationship to the sites visited as well as guidance in Buddha Dharma and meditation.

With optional daily meditation and half day retreats, the tour will balance time to cultivate present moment self-understanding and serenity with the discovery of ancient Buddhism. All the teachings and meditations are optional – come along and do as much or as little as you like.

Malcolm Huxter began training in Buddhist meditation practices in the 1970s, and lived in Thailand as a Buddhist monk for two years. A practicing psychologist for over 27 years, Malcolm has been teaching Buddhist meditation since 1991, and is the author of “Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness.”

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In accordance with Buddhist traditions, Malcolm will provide instruction and teachings as an act of dana. Dana refers to the economy of generosity where Buddha dharma teachings are given freely.