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Clinical Applications of Mindfulness and Mindful Compassion

  • Brisbane Theosophical Society 355 Wickham Terrace Brisbane, QLD, 4000 Australia (map)

APS Buddhism and Psychology Interest Group Workshop

Facilitated by Malcolm Huxter

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Day 1: Holistic mindfulness and the eight-fold path

Day 2: Mindful-compassion: Ancient and contemporary perspectives and practices

These two days will provide an opportunity to experience and understand the clinical (and personal) applications of Buddhist mindfulness and four relationship qualities (loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity). The workshops will include presentations, interactive discussion, reflection, experiential exercises, movement and different forms of meditation. They will emphasise the experiential and involve the integration of theory and practice.

It is highly recommended that everyone attend both days, but it is also possible to book for just one day.

Learning Objectives

Day one:

  • Understand the Buddhist four foundations of mindfulness.  

  • Understand the therapeutic applications of the Buddha’s framework of the eight-fold path.

  • Understand the differences between calm and insight meditation practices and how to apply them with clinical populations.

  • Learn from first-hand experience the personal and clinical utility of cultivating three levels of mindfulness: mechanistic, informed and holistic.

Day two:

  • Understand the distinguishing features of each of the relationship qualities.  

  • Understand how the cultivation the four relationship qualities work as antidotes to destructive relationships with oneself and other.

  • Experience and understand helpful therapeutic strategies from CFT, MSC and PNT.

  • Learn from first-hand experience the personal and clinical utility of cultivating one or more of the relationship qualities of loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity.

On the first day the presenter will clarify a Buddhist approach to mindfulness outlining both theory and practice. This will include descriptions of the four applications of mindfulness, calm and insight meditation and the eight-fold path inclusive of their clinical relevance. This workshop will demonstrate how the Buddhist approach to mindfulness can augment existing frameworks, protocols and practices based on contemporary third wave therapies.

The second day will outline the practices of the four relationship qualities linking them the theoretical framework and mindfulness practices of the previous day. The second day will include opportunities to practice one or more of these qualities as meditation practices. It will also make significant reference to some new generation third wave therapies and programs such as: Mindful Self Compassion (MSC, Germer and Neff) Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT, Paul Gilbert) and Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT-Rick Hanson). Participants will be given the opportunity to experience, first hand, some strategies and exercises from these approaches.

Registration Fees:

Two Day registration:
BPIG member $300
BPIG student member $160
APS member $350
APS student member $200
Non APS member $395

One Day registration:
BPIG member $160
BPIG student member $90
APS member $185
APS student member $110
Non APS member $210

Non APS member, BPIG subscriber - please contact the APS Member Group Events team for registration details - 

About the Presenter

Mal Huxter is a clinical psychologist in private practice and a teacher of Buddhist meditation. He is the author of “Healing the heart and mind with mindfulness,” Routledge 2016. He has been teaching insight, serenity and the four heart qualities (loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity) since 1991. 
Mal is also a certified teacher of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) and Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB). He has trained in a range of third wave therapies including CFT and ACT. He began training in Buddhist meditation practices in 1975; he lived in Thailand as a Buddhist monk for two years in the late 1970’s. For more info about Mal go to: